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An unidentified woman. Photographed by Wingate Paine, c. 1964-65.

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Hi Charlotte! I'd like to join your Zooey-Deschanel blog. If it is okay with you.. I'm a big fan of zooey so so much (explains my display photo) I have no intention to steal it away from you it's just that I want to make a collab blog with like you know, we handle it together. That would be nice :) I'm teresa! Nice meeting you!

Hello Teresa! Thank you for enjoying my blog. So much so, you wish to run it with me! However, that is something I do not wish to do. In the future if I ever consider it, I will think of you.

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Hi guys

I think a majority of you found me from zooey-deschanel.tumblr.com. Thank you for the follow. :-*

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Charlotte is the name of my cat :3

what a lovely name for a cat! Ha

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Pattie Boyd.

If I were a boy I will have a crush on her.